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I don't even like platformers, but I was compelled to finish this game after completing the first level. I'm impressed with how long this game is.

The music is really good, I especially like the first level track, and I liked the theme variations on the later levels.

The music/mood remind me a bit of Vagante too.

nice graphics mate, good job!

I died while the monkey was talking, and now the game didnt change and he didnt finish talking

I reloaded the page, and it put me in a new zone? and im unable to grow plants now


The music is fantastic!

Ahhh thanks so much! Here are the tunes if you wanna hear it all again :)


There were a few bugs, such as being able to grow plants in the air by moving the mouse quickly, but the game was still incredibly fun and I enjoyed playing it! Plenty of interesting mechanics were introduced as the game went on, and the music and pixel art was great!

thankyou! yep, the building mechanics were a bit buggy - we were using an unfamiliar game engine so it was all pretty chaotic. But i'm glad you had fun!


great game


thanks! glad you enjoyed :)