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Made for Mini Jam #51: Rome by Zenry Matsuoka and Jakob Schuster. A short battle arena in which you play as a lion, fighting through hordes of gladiators. 

Made in 72 hours, featuring fast-paced combat with mouse controls, a chiptune soundtrack and way too much blood.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsJakob, Zenry
GenreAction, Fighting
TagsArcade, Fast-Paced, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer


Spectacle.exe 5 MB


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The game was absolutely fantastic. Loved the aesthetics and the music.Just a fun game!

Made a video - starts at - 6:21


Hey, thanks so much for the fun video! We really enjoyed it, plus your commentary was helpful :)

Happy you enjoyed the video and our commentary. The game was a little hard mainly towards the end but was fun enough  to keep trying tell we won. 

Hey this is pretty cool! Wish there was a little more to the later levels than just so many enemies it's impossible. But great job for 72 hours!

Omg this game is so great, i am just a little curious about how didi you made those sprites for the lion amd wich programs did you used. I loved the art

Thanks, I used Photoshop for all the sprites using the basic animation tools. For the lion I separated the body into the 3 main sections and kept it simple and clear with bold shapes.


Lion go GRRRRR


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Awesome game!! including a fun and direct campaign, Spectacle immerses you into the gory world of ancient Rome. Plus, it's challenging to boot. 


very nice yom yom

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