A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

SuperPixelBlast is a capture-the-flag game where the only method of attack and defence each player has is explosive mines. All of these mines can set each other off in a kind of domino effect, so if your defence is too mine-intensive then your whole base could go up in a flash, leaving you open to attack. However, if you have too few mines then it may be easy for the enemy to invade. This mechanic combined with destructible walls and instant respawn times makes an intense multiplayer battle which can only end one way - total destruction!


+ added Mac support (finally)

+ fixed camera angle (so you can see the whole level)

Player 1 Controls:


Place flag/mine : PERIOD

Player 2 Controls:

Move : WASD

Place flag/mine : Q

Install instructions

Go here (for a Windows computer) to learn how:


For a Mac:



SuperPixelBlast.zip 57 MB

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